I’ve had a wonderful week.

In the span of two days I left home, broke my New Year’s resolution and plunged head first into the 21st Century.

No, I’m not having a senior life crisis.

I left home to go to fly to New Hampshire to visit our daughter and son-in-law and their family. My trip had a couple of false starts with air travel interrupted by last week’s blizzard conditions in Detroit — the site of my connecting flights.

When I finally arrived in New Hampshire, I plunged head first into a different blizzard. This second blizzard was an ice cream concoction called a Midnight Truffle Blizzard — a chocolaty delight — which my teen-aged grandson, John, shared with me in Manchester, New Hampshire.

So my New Year’s resolution to stay away from excessive sweets was done in by noon on the first day of my trip, but it was well worth it.

Next my baptism into 21st Century Parental Life began. Saturdays are a whole new ballgame — literally — for 21st century parents who have children in sports and other activities.

Saturday began with a fifth- and sixth-grade basketball game in a school gym, followed by a teen art lesson in another town, a quick bite to eat — that’s where the Midnight Truffle Blizzard came in — followed by a third-d and fourth-grade soccer game in another town — winding up the day with another fifth- and sixth-grade basketball contest in the school gym at 5 p.m.

Super Bowl Sunday offered no reprieves from games, though the matches ended before the Super Bowl began.

Before attending this marathon of a weekend I had questions about the value of so many sports activities. I’d wondered if children had enough time for free play.

I’d wondered about the time and financial commitment by parents for these sports.

But with 50 inches of accumulated snow on the ground here in New Hampshire, a weekend of planned activities out of the house seemed like a good thing.

What are your thoughts about organized sports versus unstructured play for children? Chime in!

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