False Front


I’ve had a couple of cups of raspberry tea. I want real tea but my doctors tell me to cut out caffeine.

I’ve wandered around the house. I’ve checked my emails. I’ve read the paper. Eaten a few chocolate chip cookies and even put on lipstick. I’ve done everything I can to avoid what I must do today.

I have to clean the family room and what was the ping pong room until I started using it as a storage area.

Actually these rooms are pretty well concealed from view because they are down stairs, but we have company coming for dinner tomorrow and who knows—Bill might invite someone down to see something in the family room—which will blow my cover.

My cover is to present a reasonable image of our home—somewhat clean and tidy. But this is a false image.

The truth is that much of our house is cluttered most of the time. My problem is that I save everything—newspaper clippings, magazines, old letters, Christmas Cards and clothes that are two sizes too small.

This may be all good and well except that I keep these items in tall piles which spill like mudslides onto the floor.

I know that this collecting puts me in some sort of psychiatric category and that there is a pill for my pack rat, hoarding behavior.

But I think the real problem is my attempt to be something I’m not.

I suspect many of us put on false fronts in the hopes of looking better than we are. I know I do.

What about you? Is it hard to let others know who you really are? Chime in!

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