I am my husband’s food Nazi.

This means I plan our meals—easy to do because Bill never holds his nose at anything I serve him—even broccoli.

In October of this year when Bill’s doctor prescribed the commonly used blood thinner, Coumadin, we were confronted with Great Broccoli Dilemma.

In years past, patients on this blood thinner had a reprieve from oft disliked Vitamin K veggies such as broccoli, spinach and cabbage.

Now the common wisdom for Coumadin patients is to eat the same amount of these veggies every day. Consistency is key.

Our choices were these: Broccoli or No Broccoli. If we chose broccoli it would have to be the same amount every day.

As diet dictator, I decreed that Bill would see the same amount of broccoli on his plate daily. Exactly five sprouts with stems every day.

I thought I was pretty smart until travel plans took us by air to places where broccoli would be farther away than the local supermarket.

Somehow packing a head of broccoli in a suitcase seemed a bit unsavory, so we decided to solve the Great Broccoli Dilemma when we got to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Our first night in Rochester, we had dinner at a wonderful Italian Restaurant, where not only could we order a side of broccoli but we could order sides to go.

The chef brought out three side orders of broccoli which I planned to store in our hotel room’s mini refrigerator.

Unfortunately, the broccoli came with a heavy dose of garlic—my least favorite spice, most detested flavor.

Judging by recipes in newspapers and cookbooks, I sometimes feel that I am the only person in the world who doesn’t like garlic.

At any rate, we brought the garlic laced broccoli back to our hotel room and stashed it quickly in the refrigerator.

The next morning, I opened the refrigerator and was just about knocked out by the scent.

I discarded the cartons of broccoli and was back to square one in the Great Broccoli Dilemma.

Later that day we solved the dilemma and all was well.

But I got to thinking: Wouldn’t we all be better off if broccoli came in an easily accessible form—maybe a Broccoli Beer or Ale?

Broccoli Beer could be easily stored, served ice cold and available at your neighborhood pub or restaurant.

Anyone up for figuring out how to make a Broccoli Beer?

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