When I was about eight, I pointed to the second toe on my right foot and asked: “Why is this toe so much longer than my “big” toe?’

“That toe’s longer because you have royal blood,” my Mom said. “It’s called a Royal Toe.”

Wow! I’d hit the jack pot. Having a royal toe topped the whole kit and caboodle of childhood treasures: my collection of Bugs Bunny comics, my Tom Mix secret decoder ring and my box of mica and my striped rocks.

Over the years I didn’t think too much about the Royal Toe, though I savored the notion of my royal heritage when my friends Gail and Jane wouldn’t play with me.

When Bill and I first started dating, the subject of dental cavities came up. Being a survivor of many dental horrors—I averaged three or four new cavities every six months until I ran out of teeth—I was flummoxed when Bill said he’ had only three cavities in his whole life.

“Braggart,” I thought.

Then I one-upped him.

“Well, I have a Royal Toe,” I said.

“I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

“Well, it’s true.”

I didn’t volunteer to show him the toe, that day. The truth was that the top of that toe flared out like an exotic mushroom cap. And besides, I hadn’t changed my socks in a while.

So far our marriage has survived the exotic contours of the Royal Toe, but Bill never quite bought into the noble heritage story.

Over the past few months, the toe has become bothersome so I did a little sleuthing on the net and found some interesting facts about Royal Toes. Technically this toe abnormality is called Morton’s Toe, but I think Royal Toe has a better flair to it.

Stay tuned for the next breath taking, astonishing episode of the toe saga.

In the mean time, I want to hear from those of you who were born with a long second toe—or a Royal Toe.

How has it affected your life? Do you wear your Royal Toe proudly? Are you in therapy because of your toe?

Chime in!

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  1. Royal Historian says:

    Please do not post or shar my email address without talking with me first.

    I am an historian of our ancient lineage of those with the "royal toe". I have doen extensive research including studying the genetics of this. It is not something we brag about, but yes, the toe doe descend from the most traceable line of ancient royalty known. I have a listing of about 200 surnames that have this descent. However, just because someone has that surname, DOES NOT mean they are of the lineage. Adoptions, mentorings, hostaging, etc. made for many persons having a lineage surname but not really being of the lineage "blood" descent. But having the toe appears to "clinch it" that one is of the lineage. Feel free to email me if you would like to know more. I would like to know your father's surname, as well as your mother's and as many of your grandmother's (both father's and mother's side.) as you would be willing to share. Depending on how far back you know your "papered genealogy", there is a chance I might be able to see which lines of royalty, you have gotten the trit from.

    Best regards

    R. David

    • Valerie McCullough says:

      Hi Colleen, You commented a long time ago about my article about The Case of the Mysterious Royal Toe.

      I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I never did any look up any ancestors who had a similar toe. But it would be an interesting search.

      Thanks for reading my column.

      Val McCullough

    • Julie stolworthy says:

      What a strange tantalising thought, I thought having awful toes was quite a common problem if this is a genuine post then my surname from my father is Hopkins and my mother’s duggin sincerely julie.

      • Valerie McCullough says:

        Hi Julie,
        I just came across your post from last November. I’m sorry for the delay in replying.I didn’t see the post from Royal Historian, but you can research Morton’s Toe–or the “Royal Toe.” It’s quite interesting.
        Thanks for reading,
        val McCullough

    • Lisa Marie Fillinger says:


      I have the very long second toe on my right foot only,and a left Egyptian foot. I also think i have the Anatolian bump on the back of my head because even my doctor says my skull is unusually shaped.
      I also just found out three days ago that i have Orh_ blood.
      There are other strange occurances and situations that i have had happen to me my whole life. I am on a quest for knowledge and family information. I don’t really have any,my birth father died two days after my first birthday and i have never met his biological family,so i don’t know anything. Whatever info you have would be very much appreciated. Thank you,Lisa.

      • Valerie McCullough says:

        Dear Lisa,

        Thank you for responding to my article on the “Royal Toe.” I really don’t have any information other than what can be found by looking up “Morton’s Toe.” I think that might be a good resource for you.

        val McCullough

  2. Royal Historian says:

    PS, many of us can be dyslexic at times as well 😉

  3. Carolann22 says:

    I too have the "royal toe." Our family had always said we were of royal heritage, and with the help of, I was able to trace that part of my tree to the Plantagenet family of England.

  4. Phangureh says:

    Recently we got together with extended family from around the world. Everyone of blood relations have the longer second toe. Not a single blood member was missing it. I decided to google it and ended up here!

  5. Hope says:

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  6. Melissa Edwards says:

    I have the royal toe. My last name is Edwards & my family is descendants from England. I’m a type a personality on steroids. Lol it all makes since.
    Melissa Edwards

  7. Martine Imon says:

    Family names: Graham, Rose, Kelly, McIntyre, Miers. Scotch Irish ancestors. Recent X-ray of foot shows longer metatarsal bone that pushes the second phalanges to extend beyond first toe. About to have it operated and made “normal”. Also, I have plantar fibromas that will be removed. Doctor told me of the lore connecting this trait to royalty. Interested in knowing more. Thanks.

    • Valerie McCullough says:

      Hi Martine,
      A few months ago you commented on my post about the Royal Toe. I’m sorry to be so late in replying. You mentioned that you were to have surgery on the toe. Hope your surgery went well.
      Thanks for reading,
      Val McCullough

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