“Something’s terribly wrong,” I shuddered as I approached the stop sign.

Instead of the four white letters in the center of the familiar red sign, a gray blob appeared.

This was almost four years ago. The spring of 2008.

When I got home I called my eye doctor. He immediately ordered some photos of the back of my eye and confirmed a diagnosis of wet age-related macular degeneration or ARMD, as it’s called.

This eye disease is caused by leakage of tiny blood vessels in back of the eye which lead to swelling and loss of central vision.

Unfortunately, Corrective lenses do not seem to help with clarity and focus as they do for nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Had my vision loss occurred even five years earlier, my eyes would have continued to get worse, but around 2005 new treatments for this disease arrived on the scene.

The treatment for ARMD involves injections into the eye of a medication to stem the bleeding and reduce swelling in the eye.

I knew I had to save my vision, but the thought of injections in my eye, made me shudder.

In my next blog, I’ll tell readers about what the treatment is like. Meanwhile, if any readers detect a change in vision, contact your eye doctor immediately. It may save your sight.

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3 Responses to I CAN SEE YOU NOW

  1. Janet Aaron says:

    Hi. I just found your blog, and Mike Foley's "What A Life" blog, about 3 months ago, and really enjoy both of them. My only complaint? Way too far between blogs! I keep checking every day, but am disappointed that your blog seems to occur less than every month. Is this by choice, or is it the newspaper's decision? If it has anything to do with the newspaper's decision, please tell them we want more! I'd love to see Mike's column more often too, but he does post more often than once a month or so. Thanks for hearing me out. Janet

    • Valerie McCullough says:

      Hi Jan,

      Thanks for letting me know you'd like me to post my blog more often. It is not the newspapers fault that the blog doesn't appear more frequently. It's my fault. Now's the time to turn over a new leaf!

      I need to organize my time better so I write more frequently. By the way, do you read my column in the print edition of the Reporter Herald? It generally appears every other Friday.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      My best,
      val McCullough

      • Janet Aaron says:

        Hi! I actually read your blog online. It seems it is far less often than every other Friday, but I'll keep track and let you know. Didn't mean to suggest you need to post more blogs (although I'd like that!), but I thought maybe the Reporter Herald only allowed a blog ever so often — just wanted them to know we'd like more if possible.

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