“So, how has your summer been?” my friend asked last Friday.

When people ask me this question, I tend to think about what is happening at the moment, instead looking at the larger picture.

“Right now my eyes are driving me crazy. The air outside’s all hazy. I guess that’s what making my eyes sting.”

“Mine have been so irritated—I haven’t been able to wear my contact this summer,” she noted. “I’ve been putting drops and taking allergy pills…nothing helps much.”

“I thought we were done with smoke from the fires, but I think there’s a few smoldering in the Colorado Springs area.”

Then our conversation took a turn to lighter matters—perhaps because we realized we were among the lucky ones when it came to reactions to fires and air quality.

Others have suffered far worse from the fires, drought and hazy air this summer.

Readers, how has your summer gone? Let’s hear from you.

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