Hello Everyone,

Just read that nine out of ten of the highest temperatures on record have occurred since 2000.

So far, this has been a warm, dry winter. I’m hoping for snow this weekend.

Do you think there’s a link between record-breaking high temperatures and the Fern Lake fire as well as the fires that blazed through Colorado last summer?

Do any of you remember what winters in Loveland used to be like?

Let’s hear from you.

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2 Responses to LET IT SNOW!

  1. janetftc says:

    We (my husband and I) live in Fort Collins and our daughter and grandson live in Loveland. Grandson just graduated from high school, and did not miss school because of a snow day until he was in high school. His mom who is in her late 30s, missed at least 2 or 3 days every school year (she went to school in Fort Collins). That's how much things have changed. I moved to Denver in the 60's, from Massachusetts, and could not believe how you could have a warm day, then a freezing day, then warm again. It was great! And we were surprised at how fast the snow melted. Back east, it snows and that snow turns dirty, then black, and just sort of stays around. That was one thing we loved about Colorado. I do worry about the climate change. Something is definitely going on, and the change is major. Hope other people comment on this — it would be interesting to get other opinions. Nice column! Janet

    • Valerie McCullough says:

      Dear Janet,

      Thanks for your comments on climate change here in Northern Colorado.

      I remember one year–in the early seventies–when the snow piled as high as our Volkswagon Bug.

      During those frigid winters of the 70’s, our daughters boarded horses in a nearby field. Because the horses’ usual source of water stayed frozen for weeks on end, water from our kitchen had to be hauled several blocks every morning before school.

      Though we have some cold weather coming this weekend, I have serious concerns about the general warming of surface and water temperatures world wide.

      I hope other readers will share their experiences of past winters in Northern Colorado.

      Thanks again for writing,

      val mccullough

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