Last weekend, I knew the time had come to have the Second Talk with our daughters.

Decades ago, I flubbed the First Talk—the mother/daughter Talk about sex— so I decided to pull myself together for the Second Talk.

This talk is about my End of Life Wishes—a good talk to have while I am still healthy.

Sex is no longer a taboo topic, but death—particularly the prospect of one’s own death—remains an uncomfortable conversation topic.

As we sat around the kitchen table nibbling on ham sandwiches and slices of coconut cake, I retrieved the green booklet tucked away in the freezer—the place I keep grocery lists and notes to myself.

The booklet, provided by the Colorado Hospital Association, is called: Your Right to Make Healthcare Decisions.

This booklet may have a familiar ring to it.

If you’ve been to a hospital lately or outpatient facility, you may have been asked if you have an Advanced Directive.

This green booklet is designed to help understand and complete an Advanced Directive, which allows you to let family friends and physicians know what kind of medical care you want if you are unable to communicate your own wishes.

On hearing that I wanted to discuss my end of life issues, our daughters didn’t seem unduly surprised. Perhaps they were relieved.

In Part 2 of this column, I’ll tell you more about my experience filling out the Advanced Directive.

Meanwhile, readers—have you talked with your family about end of life care. If so how did it go?

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