“They caught one of the suspects,” Bill tells me as I wake up.

On an ordinary day, an ordinary week, I’d have to shake off morning grogginess to grasp what Bill was saying.

But this was no ordinary week.

Last night I’d seen videos of the suspects in the Boston Marathon Explosions.

This morning one suspect was dead, the other on the run.

One of my favorite cities—Boston—on lock down.

I turned on the TV and felt transported to Watertown.

Back in l986, after a week of settling one of our daughters in college in Massachusetts and enjoying wonderful seafood in Boston, Bill developed a hankering for Mexican Food.

In Watertown, we ducked into a little Mexican Restaurant named The Phoenix and were treated to Mexican fare that tested even Bill’s high tolerance for hot spices.

Today these fond memories seem distant.

Watertown residents were not grabbing a bite of lunch at their favorite eatery.

They remained locked inside their homes—perhaps watching on TV as an intense door to door investigation took place right outside their homes.

Law enforcement agencies will find the remaining suspect or suspects.

But the larger question remains.

What is it in the human experience/the human psyche that leads some individuals to take the lives of others—while other individuals put their lives on the line to save others.

Readers, let us know what you think.

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