Loveland is generally spared the brutal spring storms that wreak havoc on much of the country, but back in June 1965 a tornado paid a visit to our town.

At that time our young family lived on Abeyta Court, right off 18th Street—then on the northwest edge of town.

That afternoon high dark clouds billowed and bulged over the mountains.

By 5:30pm the skies dumped heavy rain and ping pong ball-sized hail on the lawn and patio. At one point I thought I saw an eerie yellow glow peeking from behind the black clouds.

Our daughters, then ages two, four and five, had their noses pressed the picture window facing the west, watching the storm.

I didn’t have the common sense to realize I was putting them in danger, but somehow they survived my ineptitude.

During the height of the storm, a gentleman from Leslie The Cleaner braved the hail, jumped out of his delivery truck and rang the doorbell to bring our dry cleaning.

I don’t think either of us realized that while we were safe, a tornado had touched down a few miles from us.

The storm passed without much notice on our end of town. By the next day, word of the tornado reached us. If I remember correctly, it touched down near Marianna Buttes and damaged homes in the areas of Village Ave and Falls Court.

How many of you lived in Loveland at that time.? What are your memories of the tornado?

Please share your memories.

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2 Responses to LOVELAND’S 1965 TORNADO

  1. Jim Wiegand says:

    I was 5 years old then. I remember seeing the tornado coming towards us over Marianas Butte. Then seeing our very large tree get torn out of our front lawn. Our house faced South so we saw it coming. My mom took us all to the basement. I remember coming out when it was all over and seeing the trailer park down the road from up a total mess and a man covered in blood walking down the road. My dad was in Sterling working all week and saw our house on the news and no way to get in touch with us to make sure we were ok.

    • Valerie McCullough says:

      Hi Jim,
      Thanks for writing about your experience. I think you were much closer to the tornado than we were on Abeyta Court. YOu were about the age of our daughters at that time. Glad you were safe.
      Thanks for reading.
      My best,
      val mccullough

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