Dear Readers: This is the 12th episode of the series: Help, I Want To Get Out Of The Kitchen. If you are new to this series, you may want to start with Chapter One–If They’d Had Hamburger Helper Back Then. Thanks for reading.

When Shirley and I headed back to school, I thought I would be learning subject matter.

If I worked towards getting my teaching certification, perhaps I’d learn how to teach handwriting or spelling. Geography and history—with a little math and science thrown in.

What I didn’t know was that over the next decade or so, I’d have to acquire a different type of mastery—a mastery more difficult than subject matter.

Mastery over myself. Over my fears, my doubts.

The elixir of being on campus—being out at night—being in an invigorating and exciting environment—soon gave way to fear.

The first of many fears I’ve have to conquer was that of driving on snowy nights—on what was then a 20 mile two lane highway—from Loveland to Greeley.

Please join me on my journey as a faced fear, panic attacks, insomnia and depression.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Jonatham says:

    Hi Betsy,I love your post on gratitude. It is one of my farviote holidays as well. It’s all about family, friends, good food and feeling grateful. I also have read The Artist’s Way. Her morning journal idea has really helped me start journaling each day. I just saw a video from her and she mentioned that the morning journal is a good place to write what you are grateful for, but also for your gripes, so you get them out, off your chest and you can move on with your day. Thank you for a wonderful post and for connecting with me. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!![] Reply:November 22nd, 2011 at 10:10 amI was just reading through that journal I wrote and it was amazing. At the time it seemed so boring to write straight about whatever I was thinking. I don’t like to write about gripes but it’s better to get it out on paper. I’m so glad to have connected with you and look forward to being on each other’s blogs soon![]

    • Valerie McCullough says:

      Thanks for posting your comments on the Artist;s Way. Sounds like one I’d like to read.
      val Mccullough

  2. sunny pippin says:

    Mrs McCullough, I am in my mid 70’s, part Irish and visited relatives in Ireland. I cannot thank you enough for your article “New appreciation for St.Patrick”. I never knew this information. My heart was filled when I read this and you can be sure I will be passing this on to all my friends and Facebook. Thank you again. Sunny

    • Valerie McCullough says:

      Hi Sunny,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the article on St. Patrick. It was fun to research him, since there is little written information about that time period. But I came to really appreciate and respect him as I read and wrote about him.

      Thanks for reading.

      Val McCullough

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