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In spite of sleepless nights and neurotic angst, I finally found myself on the last leg of a Masters in Psychology, Counseling and Guidance.

One of the key tools in training counselors is the one-way mirror—sort of like what you see on Law and Order reruns.

It works like this—any undergraduate student taking a Psych 101 class can gain extra credit by signing up to be a “client” for a Would-Be-Counselor.

My first client was a slim, blond freshman named Cindy (not her real name.)

Cindy and I met once a week in a counseling room.  A microphone hung from the ceiling.  On one wall was a large one-way mirror.  On the other side of the mirror was my supervisor and five or six of my fellow grad students. They observed and tape recorded my counseling sessions with Cindy.

Cindy was advised that she and I were being observed through the one-way mirror and she was fine with this.

Cindy’s main counseling issue was that she had difficulties with her roommate–not an uncommon problem for students living in a dorm on campus.

I saw Cindy for 10 weeks.  I didn’t get any feedback on how I was doing, so I assumed things were going OK.  O—until my supervisor called me into her office where things quickly went south.

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